When Getting A Pet Turns Into A Pet Project

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If you are a parent, chances are at one time or another you have heard the words ‘Can I get a dog?’ come out of your child’s mouth.  So was the case for Marty and Sara Olejniczak of Algoma, when their daughter Sadie wanted a dog. An agreement was made that she could have a dog if she would get a job, become more active, and find a project in which she could become involved.  A rescue dog now has a home at the Olejniczak house and Sadie set out to hold up her end of the bargain.

During a conversation with Cathy Pabich of Friends of Crescent Beach and the Algoma Optimist Club, Sadie was referred to the Algoma animal impound where she met with Officer Tuttle and it was determined that they could use a microchip scanner. A scanner will allow officers to identify lost animals quickly without having to transport them to the nearest open clinic, which will not only save time but reduce the stress animals can experience while being transported. The cost of a scanner is nearly $500.

Sadie, a sophomore at Algoma High School, got right to work by sending a letter to the Algoma Optimist Club and the first $50 was donated!

Sadie donates large kennel to Algoma Impound

Photo credit: City of Algoma Police Department’s Facebook page

Sadie and her mom attended a seminar that Hope from Hopeful Paws Dog Training put on at the Door County Coop. They were giving away an extra-large dog kennel valued at $95 and they drew Sadie’s name! She decided to donate it to the impound as Officer Tuttle mentioned there was a need for a kennel to transport vicious and/or large dogs when he takes in a stray.  They decided that it would be a great idea if Hope could do a seminar in Algoma with donations going towards the scanner.  Hope agreed to do this for free!

Hopeful Paws Dog Training

Photo credit: Hopeful Paws Dog Training Instagram

The Leash Manners Clinic is scheduled for May 19, 2018, from 12:30 – 1:30 at the Algoma Youth Club, 620 Lake St.  While the event is free, a minimum $5 donation is suggested with all proceeds going toward the new microchip scanner for the Algoma Impound Facility.

Everyone is welcome but please leave the furry friends at home.

Sadie, along with Cathy, Officer Tuttle, and Sara Krouse from the Algoma Area Chamber of Commerce began planning a microchip day event which will also feature Charlie the Kewaunee County K9 dog at a date to be determined.

There will also be a table set up at Algoma’s Night Out on July 24, 2018, where there will be bandannas and maybe other things for sale with all proceeds going towards the scanner.

In addition, a GoFundMe page has been set up and once the scanner is purchased, any additional funds raised will be put towards offering low cost or free microchip clinics.

Many thanks to Sadie and all those who helped get the project underway.  And yes, she even got a job…walking dogs!

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