Shanty Days Themes

2022: Fired Up for 35 Years

2021: Algoma: Fun in the Sun

2020: We miss you

2019 33 Years of Making Waves

2018  Algoma “Rocks” at Living Well

2017  Shanty Days – It’s Just Cool

2016  Shanty Days: Cheers to 30 Years!

2015  Hooked on Shanty Days

2014  No theme

2013  Shanty Days Toasts Algoma

2012  Honored Volunteers

2011  Shanty Days 25th Anniversary

2010  Shanty Days Still Running Strong

2009  Pumped up Shanty Days

2008  21 Years of Good Vibrations

2007  We’re Turning 20, Come Join the Party

2006  Full Steam Ahead

2005  Life’s a Beach, Come See Our Waves

2004  Water and Lights are Dier to Algoma

2003  Wood be Great to Celebrate

2002  Flags and Flowers

2001  The Old the New – Algoma’s History in Review

2000  Celebrate the Lake

1999  Sail Into the Millenium

1998  (Something to do with Algoma’s History)

1996  Dancing on the Boardwalk

Shanty Days 2022 Algoma WI

2021 Shanty Days Algoma WI

Shanty Days 2020



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