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Forestville Builders FloatShanty Days Parade

One of Wisconsin’s largest parades begins with a spectacular car cruise. Enjoy floats, entertainment, clowns, candy and more! Great fun for the whole family! Get your seat early and enjoy the sites and sounds of great family fun!  One of the few parades with custom built floats made every year based on the Shanty Days theme.  The 2022 theme is Fired Up for 35 Years!   A truly unique experience! FREE

The Shanty Days parade will take place on Saturday, August 13, 2022 beginning at noon.   As of  Thursday afternoon, the parade is on rain or shine.

The line-up for the parade takes place in and around the neighborhood near the Algoma Long Term Care unit. Participants are told their line-up spot on that Saturday morning at check-in, which takes place at the Algoma Street Department/City Garage at 1520 Jefferson St.

Car Cruise starts at 11:30

Parade starts at noon.

Free admission on the Main grounds after the parade until 3pm.

2022 Shanty Days Map

Parade Rules

Shanty Days Parade Rules

  1. ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL/FIREARMS allowed in or on parade units as per State Statutes.
  2. Drivers of motorized units must be properly licensed to operate on public streets.
  3. Treats must be distributed by walkers within 5 feet of the curb. No throwing from the vehicles or units. This is to prevent children from darting into the street.
  4. Maximum height of units is 15 feet. All single vehicle entries should be decorated with the exception of tractors and antique cars.  Engine starting of towed vehicles should be kept to a minimum.
  5. Maintain 25 feet between units (two car lengths). If you have problems with your unit, move to the side and let others pass. Move back into line when appropriate.
  6. Units registered must display the ID number on the right hand side of the unit. ID numbers may be picked up Saturday morning prior to the parade at the Algoma City Garage, 1520 Jefferson St.
  7. Horses and horse drawn units must clean up after in the staging area and the on parade route.

Have Fun, Be Safe and Thanks for Your Participation!!!


2022 Shanty Days Parade registration is closed!

Registration is free. Sign up was due by Tuesday, August 9, 2022. The 2022 theme for Shanty Days is Fired Up for 35 Years!

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