Our 5 Reasons To Give The Gift Of Reading

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Many of you may know that our Executive Director, our Social Media Coordinator, and a few of our Visitor Center volunteers are librarians.  We don’t use the term ‘former’ librarian because we believe ‘once a librarian, always a librarian!’

Reading is the most wonderful giftSo here are just five of the 100s of reasons why we think reading should be at the top of  everyone’s gift-giving list:

1) Reading together = creating wonderful memories.
When you share a reading experience with someone, you are creating special memories. Whether it is a book club or a grandchild on your lap, these special bonds can last a lifetime.

2) Books are easy to wrap. 🙂

3) No batteries or chargers required.
You can read a book anytime, anywhere without the worry of having to plug it in.

4) Books are for everyone.
Even if someone on your gift list is not a big reader, there likely exists a book about something that interests him or her.

5) Reading is cheap entertainment.
Compared to other forms of entertainment, reading can cost very little or nothing at all!

Right here in Algoma you can give the gift of reading without traveling very far or breaking the bank!

Yardstick Bookshop and Gallery, 317 Steele Street: Yardstick is an independent bookstore and gallery in a  newly remodeled, bright open space offering not only books for all ages but also plays host to art exhibits and author talks.  There are tables for both adults and young readers to sit and relax with your new reading-find.

Algoma Library Friends Book Corner, 401 Third Street: The Algoma Book Corner sells gently used books, puzzles, DVDs, CDs, and LPs at bargain prices. All proceeds benefit the Algoma Public Library. There are cozy chairs in which to sit as you immerse yourself into the world of reading a new-to-you book.

Algoma Public Library, 406 Fremont Street: From storytime for toddlers to adult and young adult book clubs, reading opportunities are endless at the library.  Grab a kid and a book, have a seat and create your special memories today!

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