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If you are not yet familiar with the advertisements that say “Your Home Sold Or We’ll Buy It!” you will be!

We would like to welcome Todd Wiese Homeselling System Inc. as a new member of the Algoma Area Chamber of Commerce, and with that here are Todd’s answers to our Five Questions:

  1. How long have you been in the Algoma area? I’ve been a lifelong resident of the Algoma area. I was born and raised in Algoma.  Graduated from Algoma High School.  After four years of college at the University of Missouri, graduated, returned, and have never left.  My wife Dawn and I have been residing in the town of Ahnapee, 3 minutes from downtown Algoma, for the past 35+ years.
  1. What do you find most interesting about your business or industry? From the onset of my real estate career, what has interested me about the industry is the fact that numerous surveys reveal that over 70% of home sellers would notgo back and use the same agent to do their next transaction.  The main reason was due to the lack of communication between the agent/company and the home seller.

    After comprising a list of everything that needed to get done in order to sell a house, I was quick to realize that one person couldn’t possibly do them all.  Especially if they wanted to make a living and at the same time give the kind of communication service the consumer wanted and deserved.  It’s not that the average agent was a bad agent, it was simply due to the fact that there was so many other things to do to sell a house. Typically, the service ball was the one hitting the ground most often.

    Ultimately, selling a house is more than just a one-person job.  In fact, it requires a team of specialized people working on the different facets throughout the process.  My unique team approach comprises over 205 years of combined experience and ranks in the top 1% of real estate teams world-wide.

  1. What is one thing you want people to know when they think of your business? My team and I have helped more home sellers sell than any other agent or team throughout all of north east Wisconsin including Kewaunee and Door Counties for the last 20 years.  We have over 4000 buyers in our data base.  Many are pre-approved and waiting for the perfect property. Our homes sell on average over 3% higher than the board average.  Our homes sell in 50% less time and we have the highest number of 5-star past client reviews to back up our client’s experience.

    Being upfront, managing expectations, providing good communication and old fashion customer service is our foundation.  Our mission statement is to sell our seller’s home for the most amount of money in a timeframe that’s acceptable to them and with the fewest hassles. Lastly, we are a safe bet.  If you’re not happy with our services as promised, upfront and in writing, you can fire us and pay nothing.

  1. What is your favorite thing about the Algoma area community? The proximity and accessibility to Lake Michigan is one of my favorite things about Algoma. Every time you drive by the lake shore the view is never the same and most times spectacular.
  1. What was your primary motivation for becoming a member of the Algoma Area Chamber of Commerce? I feel partnering with the Algoma Chamber of Commerce will enable my business and the community to stay connected. I’m looking forward to shared ideas and relevant news and I hope to increase a positive perception among consumers.  Hoping to grow the business with advertising and sponsoring chamber events.

Learn more about Todd Wiese Homeselling System Inc. : Website | Facebook


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