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David Daul

David D. Daul

One of Green Bay’s most prominent law firms since 1908, Wanezek, Jaekels, Daul & Babcock, S.C. now has an office located at 1705 Center St. in Kewaunee, WI. The law firm represents individuals, families, and both large and small business in sophisticated and simple matters.

We would like to welcome the firm as a new member of the Algoma Area Chamber of Commerce, and with that here are David D. Daul’s answers to our Five Questions:

1. How long have you been in the Algoma area 
We’ve just recently opened our office in Kewaunee, but I was born and raised in Green Bay, and as a result, have been a visitor to the Algoma area very often to enjoy the beach and amazing businesses.

2. What do you find most interesting about your business or industry?
There honestly is never a dull moment. Every day brings new clients, new issues, new problems and along with that, new solutions and ways of doing things.

3. What is one thing you want people to know when they think of your business?
Our superior customer service. We have a friendly, dedicated staff with a variety of expertise, which allows us to help our clients achieve their goals.

4. What is your favorite thing about the Algoma area community?
The small town feel of the area, yet the big city experiences. From the local winery, to a marina and fantastic bars and restaurants which keep me coming back for more. On top of that, no matter where you go, the residents are friendly and welcoming.

5. What was your primary motivation for becoming a member of the Algoma Area Chamber of Commerce?
Now that we’ve entered into the business arena in the surrounding area, I want to get to know my fellow business owners and be on the ground floor of getting to know the area even better than I do now.

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