Meet The Chamber’s Board of Directors: Pastor Jennifer Emert

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We would like to help you get to know the Chamber’s Board of Directors a little better, so we’ve asked a few questions of them to help do just that.

Next up is Pastor Jennifer Emert of the Algoma United Methodist Church!

Pastor Jennifer Emert

Tell everyone little about your company/organization and your position or the role you play:
Our church is committed to serving the needs of the community we are in the midst of. We are currently providing supplemental food to 43 children and their families who are experiencing food insecurity exacerbated by COVID. We do beach clean-ups at Crescent Beach. We support the work of the Wolf Den, building relationships with those kids that need trusted adults in their lives. You can support our food ministries by purchasing a face-mask chain in the Visitor Center, and are always welcome to check us out on Facebook.

How long have you been involved as a member of the Chamber’s BOD and why do you wish to serve in this way?
This is the beginning of my second year on the Chamber’s Board. I want to help support the efforts of our community to work together to overcome our challenges while also making Algoma a wonderfully welcome place for tourists. I feel particularly blessed to have the opportunity through the Chamber Board to also serve on the Algoma Community Development Corp which allocates grant funds to those with creative projects to better the lives of Algoma’s residents.

What else would you like everyone to know? A hobby, your family, favorite things to do and see in Algoma etc?
My husband, Matt Templeton, is also a member of the Algoma Chamber of Commerce. You may know him as the face of Matt’s Handyman Service. Our daughter Maggie, 13, is involved in the Wolf Den as a Wolf (mentor and leader). The three of us are committed to doing all we can for the transformation of the world, beginning in the town we have called home since 2018, Algoma. We thank you all so much for welcoming us and allowing us to serve.

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