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Briski Financial Services: Investments for the “Heartbeat of America”

Frank Briski, Briski Financial Services, Algoma, WI

Frank Briski, Briski Financial Services, Algoma, WI

For over 40 years, Frank Briski has been in the investment business, helping people of the Packerland area with their financial planning needs.  Briski worked for Prudential Insurance, selling life insurance, and in 1980, the company added investments, selling mutual funds and annuities. Briski says, “I was very fascinated with that aspect of the business.”  His interest in financial planning would lead him to eventually start his own business, Briski Financial Services in Algoma.

Working out of his office in his home, Briski says most of his clients came to him by word of mouth. “People come to me because someone will tell a friend or cousin that, Frank will take care of you,” says Briski. He says that his office and work attire (jeans and a collared shirt) may not look like it, but “many, many millions come through this office.”

He says he primarily deals with investments, but also provides insurance and wealth transfers services.  Over the years he primarily has focused on providing services for clients age 55-85. Briski has been semi-retired for 20 years, but still finds himself working 80 hours a week at times. “I apologize to a lot of people,” he says humbly, “I do the best I can within my limited ability.”

Throughout the years, Briski has worked with many farmers, mill workers, and other working class people. “I’m a conservative country boy from Greenwood, Wisconsin.  “I understand them, I try and take care of them,” says Briski.  As a boy growing up on a farm, Briski was always a hard worker. When he wasn’t working on the farm or hunting to provide food, he was learning on his own to improve the farm.

He remembers when he was 8 years old, reading a book about artificial insemination and selective breeding for cattle. “I read the book backward and forwards,” and then convinced his father that they should be using some of the methods in the book.  Within 3 years, the herd had been replaced with his method, and was producing twice as much milk.  “I’ve been a hustler all my life, since I was a kid.”

By age 11, he was raising his own hogs, by converting a 3 stall garage into a hog house.  At age 20, he attended the University of Wisconsin River Falls, receiving a degree in Agricultural Business. Upon graduating, he began working for FS in De Pere, where he often found himself helping people, once managing to get 31 men jobs at Fort Howard. “I try to find what makes people tick, and help them, they’re the heartbeat of America,” says Briski.

Now semi-retired, tries to spend as much time as he can hunting and fishing with his 2 sons and his daughter.  He and his wife, Kris, spend winters in Ft. Meyers, Florida.  But, by April of every year, he comes back to Algoma, “because of demands,” of his clients.  “It’s a demand product, people want to see me,” he says.  “I just try to take care of people,” and that mantra has led to many referrals over the years.

Article by Michael Novak, Intern, Algoma Area Chamber of Commerce

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