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Jim and Cheryl Anderegg started Anderegg Painting 43 years ago, working out of their driveway, garage and basement in Algoma. “Jim had been painting before that, but it wasn’t really a business setup, until we got married,” says Cheryl.

Anderegg PaintingJim then took it more serious, and made it into his business, Anderegg Painting Inc., and the couple have been painting home and condo exteriors and wood trim ever since.  Over the years, it has grown from the couple working from home, to a separate paint shop and become a family business, employing other family members.

When they started the business, Jim quickly got contracts with Portside Builders, the custom home building company in Sturgeon Bay.  Cheryl quit her job to help the growing company.  “I would do all the wood finishing, the staining, the trim, the doors,” as semi-trucks would drop it off in their driveway to be painted, says Cheryl.  Then Jim and his crew would take the finished product to the job sites, and do the painting that was needed on the project.

In summer, Cheryl would paint in the driveway, and in the basement in winter.  But 20 years ago, a fire burnt down their garage, which they used as their shop.  So they found a spot in the Algoma Industrial Park, where he built a shop from the ground up.  The shop is where the company has done all of its finishing work ever since.

Jim, who has lived in Algoma his whole life, has deep roots in the town.  Cheryl says, “One of first white men to build a home here was an Anderegg, and back then an Anderegg owned about half the town.”

“Jim’s relation also was one of the founders of the Fly Net Company, and another Anderegg started the Net Company,” Cheryl remembers.

Cheryl, however, was born and raised in Waukegan, IL.  Her family had a cottage in Little Sturgeon, and would spend summers in Northeast Wisconsin.  Her parents eventually bought Sonny and Chips bar on Cedar Corners in Algoma when Cheryl was 18.  Cheryl stayed in Illinois at first, until she came to visit her parents for a weekend.

“I loved Algoma so much, that when I went back to Waukegan, I quit my job and came right back Algoma the next day, and lived here ever since.”  She says most of her siblings have lived in Algoma at some point, but she is the only one who has stayed.  “I just love it too much here to leave,” says Cheryl.

Coming from Waukegan, she says she just loves the peacefulness of Algoma.  “The people here were so friendly, and I loved the atmosphere of Algoma.  And that is what I still love about it now.  I am so grateful to have raised my sons in this town.”

Those sons, are also a part of the business.  Youngest son Joseph took over for Cheryl shortly after the new building was in place, and has been working with the company ever since.  Older son Jim Jr also joined the business after college.  The sons will be taking over the company within the next few years, as Jim will be retiring soon.

“It’s really been a family business,” says Cheryl, “Jim Sr’s brother, Nyel Anderegg, has been with us for over 30 years, and we’ve had our sons’ friends work with us over the years.”

Now, the company is mostly focused on working on new homes and remodel jobs, including condos in Door County.  “Every single condo, we did the painting and staining, as Portside built just about all those new condos in Door County,” says Cheryl, “And our guys just do awesome work.”

President of Portside Builders, Paul Shefchik says “Anderegg does pretty much all of our Door County work for us, painting, staining trim, stairway boards, you name it.  They do a great job, very good quality.  We couldn’t ask for a better trade partner.”

Anderegg Painting Inc. is located at 1604 Sunset Avenue in Algoma and can reached by calling (920) 487-5072.

Written by Michael Novak for the Algoma Area Chamber of Commerce

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