Childcare Package Bills Moving Through The Wisconsin

 In Wisconsin Legislation

Childcare Package

The Assembly introduced the following bills as a childcare package. These bills had hearings in committees and passed the full Assembly. The Senate has not announced if they will take up these bills as well.

AB 387/SB 426 – Childcare Reimbursement Account Program 

  • Under the bill, DFI must establish a childcare reimbursement account program.
  • A parent or legal guardian may create a tax-advantaged account to pay qualifying expenses.
  • The child(ren) must be under 13 years old.
  • Anyone, including an employer, (with the account owner’s permission) may contribute to the account.
  • The maximum total contribution per account per calendar year is $10,000.
  • In the initial bill, you were not able to establish an account if you or your spouse participated in an employer-sponsored dependent care flexible spending account for federal income tax purposes.
  • This provision was changed in an amendment that was introduced last Friday. Under the amendment, if you or your spouse have an employer-sponsored dependent care flexible spending account, you may establish the state reimbursement account, but only with a maximum of $10,000 between the two accounts.
  • Only the account owner can withdraw funds to pay for qualifying expenses.
  • The funds be used in the calendar year they were contributed.

AB 388/SB 421 – Childcare Center Renovations Loan Program

  • WEDC must award loans to licensed childcare providers for renovations to their facilities.
  • 60% of loans must go to in-home licensed childcare providers.
  • 40% of loans must go to licensed childcare providers of in-home.
  • The providers would receive up to $30,000 per loan for in-home and up to $100,000 per loan for not in-home.
  • The loans are interest-free.
  • The provider must establish or maintain enrollment within one year of receiving the loan.
  • If not established, money may be clawed back by the agency.

AB 389/SB 422 – Large Family Childcare Centers 

  • The bill creates a new category for family day care providers, a program that is offered in 37 other states.
  • Large Family Childcare Centers
  • The centers would provide care and supervision for between four and twelve children, with two employees providing care and supervision to the children at all times.
  • The centers would be subject to the same worker-to-child ratios as family and group centers.

AB 390/SB 424 – Assistant Childcare Teachers 

The bill lowers the minimum age from 17 to 16 years to become an assistant childcare teacher or school-age group leader.
It lowers the minimum age from 18 to 16 years to independently provide sole supervision to a group of children.
It maintains the current requirement for training of assistant childcare teachers and the requirement that sole supervision by assistant childcare teachers is allowed only if there is a qualified school-age program leader on the premises.

AB 391/SB 423 – Childcare Worker and Children Ratios 

Under current administrative code, group centers must adhere to the following staffing ratios and maximum group sizes:

Age of Children                 Minimum             Maximum

Birth to Age 2                     1 – 4                       8

2 Years to 2.5 Years         1 – 6                       12

2.5 Years to 3 Years         1 – 8                       16

3 Years to 4 Years             1 – 10                     20

4 Years to 5 Years             1 – 13                     26

5 Years and Over              1 – 18                     36

The bill adjusts ratios and maximum group sizes to the following:

Age of Children                 Minimum             Maximum

Birth to Age 1                     1 – 4                       8

1 Year to 2.5 Years           1 – 6                       12

2.5 Years to 3 Years         1 – 9                       18

3 Years to 4 Years             1 – 12                    24

3 Years to 5 Years             1 – 15                     30

5 Years and Over              1 – 20                     40

AB 392/SB 425 – Certified Childcare Operator Ratios 

The bill allows a certified childcare provider to provide care and supervision to up to six children under the age of seven, regardless of whether the children are related to the provider and without having to obtain a license from DCF.
Numbers are reduced if caring for younger children:
Under 2, 0; Max children, 6
Under 2, 1; Max children, 6
Under 2, 2; Max children, 6
Under 2, 3; Max children, 5
Under 2, 4; Max children, 4
Under current law, certified providers can only care for up to 3 children that are not their own. In addition, they are permitted to care for 3 of their own children, for a maximum of 6 total children.

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