Bay Shore Outfitters revives a variation on an old tradition – Algoma, WI destination stickers

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Summer travel season is upon us and Bay Shore Outfitters is reviving a variation on an old tradition  –  Algoma, WI destination stickers.  Back in the day, these stickers, also known as luggage tags, were mainly used by prestigious hotels during the Golden Age of  Travel that lasted from the late 1800s until about the mid-1960s.

Vintage Travel Trunks

Hotel staff would apply the tags on guests’ trunks and suitcases which would serve as a form of free publicity for the hotel and a badge of honor for the traveler.  These tiny pieces of art would often mimic travel posters and brochures and eventually, other businesses and organizations also made extensive use of luggage labels such as airlines, railways, and national parks.

The new Algoma and Lake Michigan Stickers available at Bay Shore Outfitters

Click on each image to view a larger version.

Ahnapee Trail Algoma travel sticker Lake Michigan Algoma travel sticker  Algoma Wisocnsin Fishing travel sticker  Algoma Wisconsin travel sticker Unsalted Coast and Shark Free Travel sticker

While most of us no longer travel with a large trunk on which to show off where we have been, collecting destination stickers is an easy way to relive your travel memories and share your adventures with others.  You can start (or add to) your collection at Bay Shore Outfitters with their new Algoma and Lake Michigan stickers! Stick them on your carry-on, water bottle, tablet case, or even on your camper! You can even start a destination sticker scrapbook!

FUN FACT: Luggage labels were originally attached with gum so attempts to remove them would result in damaging the label.

Bay Shore Outfitters is located at 219 State St. in Algoma, WI.

Learn more about Bay Shore Outfitters: Facebook | Website | The River by Bayshore in Algoma

Sticker photos source: Bay Shore Outfitters. Used with permission.

Trunks photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash

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